Since its launch in 1992, Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services has been a pioneer in outsourced banking services with S2i - an integrated multiple-country ASP+BPO* solution that enables our clients to focus on their strategy while streamlining and controlling their costs.

The quality of our expertise and our capacity to innovate and stand apart from our peers have ensured our steady growth in recent years.

Thus, professionals of Wealth Management can focus on the relationship with their customers and rely on CA-PBS as a real partner, to ensure the quality of the service on a daily basis, to comply with the regulatory system and to guarantee costs control.

This growth has enabled CA-PBS to share investments, to develop in 10 countries and to constantly improve the quality of its services.

In order to consolidate its leading position in Switzerland, Europe and Asia, CA-PBS launched in 2016 an ambitious investment and growth plan. Thanks to Crédit Agricole Group’s support, CA-PBS is constantly building new capacities to efficiently support its clients who face the challenging world of Private Banking.

Through these investments CA-PBS continues to increase control and process automation of its banking and IT teams since it strongly believes that operational excellence is its business core.

CA-PBS also believes that digital transformation will now be a key factor in the banking industry and is investing to offer its clients innovative and adaptable solutions according to their strategy. 

For 25 years, professionals have relied on CA-PBS to optimize their cost structures.

CA-PBS on-going commitment is to assist clients' business development by providing them the best service now and in the future !

Pierre Dulon, CA Private Banking Services Director

* Application Service Provider + Business Process Outsourcing


ASP/BPO outsourcing
Accounting outsourcing service
Cash back office
Securities back office
IT solutions for financial intermediaries
Reconciliation & Investigation
Consulting services

Key figures

CHF 140 BnAssets under management
30Banks Worldwide

25th anniversary of S2i


S2i was launched 25 years ago, on 7 July 1992, by visionary team, some of whom still work for PBS today.
In 2017, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of S2i, a system that ranks CA-PBS among the leaders in outsourced banking services and make it a preferred partner of wealth management specialists.


Why choose Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services solution?

Banks are under increasing pressure, not only on the cost front but also as a result of regulatory, tax and compliance issues on the markets they serve. We help clients adjust to these changes. Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offering allows them to focus on executing their strategy and adding value. We provide them with access not only to our S2i solution but also to the expertise of our back office staff. Our offer is based on pooled costs, and includes updates to cater for regulatory and tax changes at no additional cost. Indeed, it is by adapting swiftly to regulatory changes that banks will be able to maintain profitability despite the substantial costs they incur.


Our clients are mainly banks operating in the wealth management industry, who cannot afford to recruit IT and back office staff of the quality we offer – not to mention the fact that our platform already complies with regulatory regimes in ten different countries. We offer the most comprehensive service of its kind on the Swiss market, and have done for longer than anyone else. As a result, we are viewed very positively by independent supervisory bodies. That we belong to a banking group was perhaps a difficulty early on, but this is definitely no longer the case. On the contrary, the fact that we are subject to the full range of regulatory requirements and are regulated by FINMA makes us more credible in the market for these types of services.


First of all, we know private banking and all its demands. This reassures clients that we understand their business and the challenges they face. We also offer the most comprehensive service of its kind on the Swiss market, and, as I said, we've done so for longer than anyone else. As a pioneer in outsourcing, Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services has a track record of innovating and standing out from the competition while adapting to market developments and regulatory changes. The future of banking lies in the automation of non-core businesses and the pooling of costs. As such, our offering is increasingly moving towards strong partnerships and full BPO services.


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